Recycled Flower Pots

The Recycled Flower Pots from Rosendahl are inspired by the geometric lines of the well-known Grand Cru range, yet they have their own unique style. The flower pots are made from household waste collected in the Danish city Randers, made from new plastic in Langå and finally cast in Juelsminde.

The stackable pots have an organic finish and a marbled surface texture to create a natural look. They are shatter- and frost-proof down to -4 degrees and are therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The flower pots have been developed in a naturally muted color scale, which is easy to integrate into most homes and gardens.

The Recycled Flower Pots

Gardening enthusiast and climate activist


Rosendahl has, in collaboration with garden enthusiast and climate activist Signe Wenneberg, designed innovative flower pots in recycled plastic. The flower pots transform trash into treasure by recycling locally collected plastic from the Danish city Randers.

The design of the Rosendahl flowerpot was born out of the desire to create the ultimate flowerpot, which invites you to experience an urban bungalow; a flowerpot that is easy to integrate into your interior design and which does not leave unsightly damp rings on your window sill.

Unlike pots in clay and stoneware, the plastic material is easy to move around your home when flowers and plants need to be moved from room to room and out onto the balcony – and the flower pots also have a small ridge at the bottom that collects excess water and prevents the pot from releasing moisture.

Did you know... Every time we recycle a kilo of plastic, we save the environment 5.62 lbs of CO2 emissions – but for Signe Wenneberg, who has designed the series for Rosendahl, there are several important reasons why the future of design should be green.

Living with plants has a major impact on both physical and mental well-being, and the well-known garden enthusiast and climate activist predicts that in the future we will return to the old-fashioned virtues, where scent geraniums and other air-purifying greenery contribute to creating vitality and good health in our interior design. This gives the flower pots added value, which was a crucial factor for Signe Wenneberg, who points out:

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