At Rosendahl, we actively promote responsibility throughout our entire business, which is why it's also important for us that our products are produced in an appropriate way – both for you and the environment. 

We take pride in producing our products to the highest possible environmental and ethical standards. Therefore, as documentation, we can present a number of certificates from ethical labelling schemes. Read more about them here. and FSC®

At, the majority of the wood products we sell are made from FSC-certified wood. Our goal is to phase out non-certified wood products, so that in the future we will only offer wood products with FSC certification to our customers. This goal also includes paper. At, we will only use FSC-certified paper for the production of paper products and for internal use within the company. All this to support responsible forestry. Rosendahl Design Group is also a member of the interest group FSC Denmark. and GOTS

At we work with organic cotton. From autumn 2020, we can offer GOTS-certified cotton products. Global Organic Textile Standard is a labelling scheme for textile products made from organic natural fibres. Buying a GOTS-certified product ensures sustainable production from raw material to finished product. All involved parties are audited by independent certification agencies. and GRS

The certification scheme sets requirements for documented tracking of recycled content throughout the enire chain, as well as strict requirements for working conditions and chemical handling. All to ensure a high-quality product with recycled content collected and processed responsibly. and OEKO-TEX®

The OEKO-TEX® certificate is obtained by examining the chemical content present in textiles. The requirements for obtaining the OEKO-TEX® certificate are stricter than the legislation itself and are continuously adjusted in conjunction with new research results.

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We’re constantly looking for new, more sustainable materials for our products. We want to contribute to a better world and a reduced footprint on our climate, which is why new and more sustainable materials are always of interest.

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