Rosendahl Grand Cru Recycled


Sustainability is top of the agenda – locally, globally and of course also at Rosendahl. And because we are constantly developing more responsibly produced products and reducing our environmental footprint, we are now launching a selection of Rosendahl products made from recycled glass. Initially, this applies to the water tumblers and bowls from the iconic Grand Cru range.

Just as we know it

The overall graphic design lines, the four grooves and the functionality are exactly as we know them. The big difference is that Grand Cru Recycled is made from recycled glass of the highest quality, which you can put on the table with a clear conscience. The glass has a pale teal hue that is both a hallmark of recycled glass and which adds a new dimension to the classic design. The color may vary slightly depending on the glass that is recycled, and is a testament to the history of the glass

Perfect for everyday use

The large café glass holds 37 cl and is sold in packs of two. The smaller glass, which has been designed to hold 26 cl, is sold in packs of four. The glasses are both stackable and dishwasher-safe, making them perfect for everyday use.

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Easy to put in the dishwasher

These practical bowls with a diameter of 15 centimetres can be used for breakfast, snacks and serving. As with our other products they are stackable, sturdy and dishwasher-safe – even those pieces that are made from recycled glass. Two of the bowls in the pack are made from recyclable materials.

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A big part of Rosendahl’s DNA is not only to create timeless classics, but also to renew them so that they keep up with the times and the world we live in. With Grand Cru Recycled, you get high-quality products that are made with circularity in mind thanks to the use of recycled materials, and the series makes responsibly sourced design accessible to everyone.

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