Monkey Repair Kit


Give your monkey first aid with a monkey repair kit if it's been in an accident or if the elastic bands on your Kay Bojesen monkey have become weakened over time.

Give your monkey new strength

In our repair kit for Kay Bojesen’s beloved classic, we’ve put together the pieces you need to repair your teak monkey to make it healthy again.

This guide includes instructions on how to give new strength to the monkey's arms and legs with the help of the repair kit.

Give your monkey new strength

1. Start by unpacking the parts from the bag and placing them in front of you

2. Remove any old elastic remnants and nails from the monkey’s arm or leg

3. Wrap the string around the elastic band

4. Using the string, pass the elastic band through the leg/arm and position it as shown in the picture

5. Insert the nail into the hole at the top without damaging the elastic band. If necessary, use a pointed tip to press the nail down. If you can't push the nail down, you need to adjust the elastic band

6. Then pull the string through the body and thread the other leg/arm onto the string

7. If necessary, use a door handle to help, placing nails in the same way as in point

8. Cut the string and pull it out – and your monkey is ready for new adventures

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