Rosendahl Design Group is B Corp certified

Rosendahl Design Group is a certified B Corp. The comprehensive B Corp certification is holistic proof that we take a high level of social and environmental responsibility, that we show transparency in what we do, and that we are legally obliged to deliver a positive impact for all stakeholders. We are committed to running our business in a way that promotes positive change.

By complying with the high requirements for achieving B Corp certification, Rosendahl Design Group actively participates in a global community of companies working towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

Our corporate goals extend beyond making beautiful and innovative design products. Responsibility is a core value for us, and we are committed to ensuring we have a positive impact on our society and the environment. We are more than just a design company; we are part of the world!

With B Corp certification, we will continue to make a change for the better, to make responsible choices and live up to our promises.

Much more than just high-quality design

The B Corp certification confirms our commitment to doing business in a way that balances profit with a broader purpose. For us, our B Corp certification reflects our commitment to making positive changes with a holistic perspective, where we continuously commit to strive for and maintain high standards on a social, societal, and environmental level.

The B Corp certification represents an important milestone for Rosendahl Design Group and demonstrates our commitment to responsible business operations and social responsibility. Right from the beginning, my father founded and ran the company based on the principles of decency, good business acumen and a vision to make durable quality design for the mass market. This remains a fundamental building block for us, and we continue to stay true to our values and to act responsibly.

We are now standing on the shoulders of this legacy, looking to the future. We’ve always said that it’s about being able to look yourself and others in the eye. And that's still the case. Our B Corp certification is not only a recognition of how far we have come, but also a commitment to continue to do business in a way that takes responsibility for our impact on society and the environment.

We will continue to deliver quality design, but we will also be a driving force and inspiration for positive change.

- Henrik Rosendahl, Owner & CEO

We operate our business responsibly and we believe that transparency is key to a trusting relationship with our customers. That’s why we openly share our social and environmental performance and goals on our journey towards achieving even higher standards of responsibility.

What is a B Corp certified company?

B Corp is considered one of the most rigorous certifications available and is a mark of a company’s social and environmental performance. The non-profit organisation B Lab carries out B Corp certification via an extensive holistic assessment of a company in accordance withB Corp’s standards.

B Corp is a global network of companies that strives to promote a more sustainable, responsible and ethical approach to business as a catalyst for positive change. B Corp certification means that a company can document that it meets and is committed to pursuing a number of high standards for social and environmental sustainability, social impact, transparency and responsible business practices – all with the aim of harmonizing profit with a broader purpose, and, through transparent operations, helping consumers make informed choices.

B Corp certified companies not only work towards financial profit, but also strive to make a positive difference in the world – for the world. Having B Corp certification reflects a holistic and transparent approach to thebusiness as a whole, andnot just to its products, so that B Corp companies can lead the way towards positive social and environmental change. B Corp certification commits the company to a continuous improvement process. This is an ongoing effort that is evaluated every three years.

Transparency is a key aspect of B Corp certification. Information about how our performance measures up to B Lab standards is publicly available on the B Lab website.