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Holmegaard stands for modern glass designs made to be used and enjoyed every day. To achieve this goal, we work with some of the best glass designers who experiment with technology, shape and materials. The result is unique designs that will last far into the future. Designs that are not only beautiful to look at, but which are also made for everyday use.

Here you can read about some of the most important designers in Holmegaard’s history.

Per Lütken – the undisputed master of Danish glass design

Per Lütken was the unrivaled master of Danish glass design and one of Holmegaard’s most important and innovative glass designers. He worked at Holmegaards Glasswork from 1942 until his death in 1998 and created more than 3,000 glass designs. Over time, many of these have become classics and synonymous with the quality Holmegaard is famous for.

Per Lütken was an inspiring character at Holmegaard, and he was known for his perfectionism and the high demands he placed on his glassblowers. He believed that glass should radiate craftsmanship, and his best-known designs include the Provence bowl (1955), Idéelle (1978) and Charlotte Amalie (1981).

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Cecilie Manz – A great Danish design talent

The internationally renowned Cecilie Manz started her own design company in Copenhagen in 1998. She has won a number of prestigious Danish and international design awards, and her designs can be seen at MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art, in New York. Her collaboration with Holmegaard has been ongoing since 2004. The Cecilie Manz Minima collection won the Danish Design Award 2008/2009 for combining Scandinavian modernity with functionality.

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Maria Berntsen – Internationally renowned designer

Maria Berntsen is an industrial designer who has had her own business since 1992. She finds her design inspiration in architecture, nature, fashion and current trends. Maria Berntsen has a special love of glass as a material because it has a visual lightness and the ability to capture and reflect light.

Maria Berntsen is the woman behind Holmegaard’s One lamp and the successful Design with Light series, which includes a number of lanterns with distinctive leather handles. Maria Berntsen has also updated the classic chamber candlesticks with a Design with Light version for the modern home.

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Tom Nybroe – Graphic designer and wine enthusiast

Tom Nybroe is the perfectionist behind the award-winning Perfection series of wine glasses, which he created for Holmegaard in 2006. The Perfection series has been designed and developed with all the features necessary for a correct and optimal processing of the wine in the glass.

The Perfection glass stands out for its distinctive pouring line and gives the series an elegant and streamlined look that will suit any table setting. Each glass is designed to ensure that the correct amount of wine is poured up to the distinctive line in the glass – which gives the optimal large surface area for the wine to breathe and develop. This special design also ensures a beautiful and perfect pour – while preventing you from pouring in too little or too much wine into the glass.

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Laura Bilde & Linnea Blæhr – the design duo behindSeche Studio

The design duo Seche Studio, consisting of Laura Bilde and Linnea Blæhr, designed the Forma series for Holmegaard. In 2021, the series was nominated for the Design of the Year category for the Design Awards 2021. Forma is a series of striking, sculptural structures in solid glass with distinctive shapes, where the simple and stringent appearance draws references from the Bauhaus style, which was the functionalist rebellion against excessive decoration, where the “excessive” details gave way to cubes, cylinders and clean lines. This is the heritage that Forma continues to work with – but with its own personal touch.

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Peter Svarrer – Master of light

Peter Svarrer is also known as the master of light because he creates glass designs that have a special ability to capture and reflect light – in the unique way only glass can. When Peter Svarrer and Holmegaard started working together in 1997, it marked the start of a fruitful and productive partnership that is still evolving today and from which new shapes and colors continue to emerge. Peter Svarrer has created the Cocoon, Future, Cabernet, and Reflections series for Holmegaard.

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Jette Frölich – Unique paper cuttings on glass

Jette Frölich is known for her beautiful Christmas designs, and she creates unique, elegant motifs in a Scandinavian style. Her classic Christmas series, Holmegaard Christmas, transforms the holiday season into paper cuttings placed on beautiful glassware with motifs taken from Nordic Christmas traditions. The motifs depicting Danish Christmas traditions are used to decorate jars for Christmas cookies, Christmas bottles, tumblers and other
glasses and Christmas lanterns.

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Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne – Design duoMeyer-Lavigne

With the Souvenir series, the innovative design duo Meyer-Lavigne has taken Christmas’ classic red and green colors as its starting point, and then nuanced the look with an exclusive combination of gold, nude and a touch of cool lavender. Glass painting has become a forgotten craft over time, but Meyer-Lavigne has wanted to bring it back to life in a way that is relevant today. The best of Souvenir’s high quality and excellent craftsmanship is also evident.

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