About the designer


Tom Nybroe is a passionate wine connoisseur and has worked with wine for many years, as a presenter, organizer of wine tastings and partner in the wine importer company World of Wine. He has been involved in design all his life, both in the advertising industry and in collaboration with several Danish artists, and the world of wine has always fascinated him.


Wine and viticulture have, in recent years, evolved into a refined science. And in keeping with wine’s growing popularity, Tom Nybroe has thrown a lifetime of expertise and passion into the design of the ultimate wine glass.

Based on thorough research among professional sommeliers and wine producers from all over the world, and his own great desire to give the market a series of glasses that take account of the handling of the wine, Tom Nybroe put his pen to paper to create the Perfection series for Holmegaard.

Later, with the Premium glass series from Rosendahl, he has also added a wide range of nice everyday glasses to the wine menu


Both glass series from Tom Nybroe include glasses for white wine, red wine, champagne, spirits, beer, water and schnapps. Common to them all is that special glasses support special types of wine, so that the taste, notes and color are emphasized. And with Perfection and Premium, Tom Nybroe created glasses for everyone who has a nose for wine and modern aesthetics.

In record time, Tom Nybroe’s series have become classics in the restaurant industry and have made their way into private homes too.

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