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Sebastian Holmbäck is a Danish industrial designer who works in a wide variety of fields, including product design, furniture, lighting, exhibition and interior design. He graduated from the Danish School of Design in 1998 and has his own studio, Sebastian Holmbäck. From 2008 to 2015, he ran HolmbäckNordentoft in collaboration with Ulrik Nordentoft, which is behind several popular and award-winning series.

Sebastian Holmbäck

Sebastian Holmbäck has had long-term relationships with strong Danish and international brands and created products with a cultural influence. And his understanding of the complexity of bridging aesthetics, people, costs and manufacturing to create successful solutions and products has gained him numerous international design awards – including several Red Dot Awards, the Formland Design Award 2011, and Designer of the Year 2013.

The goal for Sebastian Holmbäck when designing is always to challenge and develop a brand’s core identity and to bring meaningful content to the world. An example of this approach is how to update a classic object like the vase. This was the task Sebastian Holmbäck set out to solve for Holmegaard. And with the ARC vase, he demonstrated how using a contrasting look could create an innovative design that reflects the essence of Holmegaard’s classic design history.

ARC Products

Sebastian Holmbäck sees the vase as one of the fundamental items in people's basic library of furniture and objects – in line with the table, chair and knife. In Sebastian Holmbäck’s design look, the vase is basically about something as simple as a series of reflections over a profile twisted around an axis. A geometric object that can vary infinitely depending on materials, patterns and colours.

With the ARC series’ vases and flowerpots, Sebastian Holmbäck and Holmegaard have had a vision of creating a stylish counterpoint to the romantic and very colourful wave we are currently seeing. And the combination of a beautiful design line and Holmegaard’s unparalleled glass craftsmanship means that ARC stands out as a state-of-the-art reinterpretation, where the soft lines from the base and top meet in beautiful balance and create the curved shape.

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