Pind the Dog

A timeless classic and a loyal friend for 90 years

A timeless classic and a loyal friend. The Kay Bojesen Dog Pind first saw the light of day in 1934, and this year celebrates its 90th anniversary. The occasion is being marked by two new anniversary dogs in dark-stained oak – one in the original size, which is being put into production for the first time.

Pind the Dog

The small, playful Dog has charmed people of all ages for generations. With its modern and minimalistic look, it's hard to tell that the Dog Pind, from whom the new Dog is inspired, will be 90 years old this year.

Kay Bojesen loved to be inspired by animals and was also very fond of
dogs. In fact, the Dog was one of the very first animals that Kay Bojesen created, and the round shapes, soft edges and smiling lines that became his signature are already evident in the 1934 Pind design.

The anniversary version of the Dog is made from dark-stained oak. From photos in the archive, you can see that Kay Bojesen actually made quite a few darker colored dogs in his lifetime. This made it all the more appropriate to revive Pind with dark 'fur' to mark the anniversary, where the dark stain adds a beautiful glow and warm look to the oak's vibrance and subtle interplay of tones.

Each and every Dog – both large and small – is created by hand, just as they always have been, with great care and attention to detail and finish. They receive all the attention a Danish design icon deserves and are a tribute to Kay Bojesen’s visionary thoughts and unique talent for original stories made of wood. 

Kay Bojesen is synonymous with original Danish design. He wasn't interested in creating faithful replicas of real-life animals or making them appear too sophisticated and detailed. They were often based on the children’s world and provided a space for imagination to unfold. He was ahead of his time, and the new Anniversary Dog humbly builds on Kay Bojesen’s heritage, in a tribute to the smiling lines that speak to the child in all of us.

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