Kay Bojesen

The Iconic Guard of the House

The series of wooden figures is based on Kay Bojesen’s basic idea that toys should be simple, solid and inspire play. Kay Bojesen also worked based on the philosophy that wood only comes to life when it gets a story – a philosophy that was consistent with all his figures. That foundation and Kay Bojesen’s unique talent has turned his magical world of Wooden Figures into beloved classics and design icons that will last for decades to come.

The Guard Series

Kay Bojesen is one of the big Danish designers. He was able to turn wood into original stories like no other. He had a knack for bringing the wood to life. Or as he put it: “Making the line smile”. And the lines certainly smile in each of the Wooden Animals – which have all become iconic.

Take, for example, the famous Royal Guards with flags, sabres, drums and gun, which are inspired by one of Denmark’s national symbols from Amalienborg Palace Square. Kay Bojesen first created the soldiers in 1940 in honor of King Christian X’s 70th birthday and as tribute to the Danish king. At that time, the were yards-high figures that stood outside Kay Bojesen’s store in Bredgade in Copenhagen. In 1942, Kay Bojesen launched the smaller figures in the same size as we know them today, and also include the diligent Postman and the unique and timeless Policeman.

Today, both the guards and all the many other original figures are available in several sizes, where the smaller ones are especially popular as gifts for special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, christenings and birthdays.

Kay Bojesen’s figures will be with you all your life – whether it’s the Guards, the tall and proud Marine Soldier, the cool skiers Boje and Datti, or the cute Christmas figures of Santa Claus and Mrs Claus.

Wooden Figures

Most figures are turned in FSC®-certified beech wood, and the manual production with paint and printing is done with the great precision and care that characterises the wooden figures from Kay Bojesen. The shape is based on the original figures from Kay Bojesen’s archive, which are simple and minimalist but full of life and soul and emitting that sense of magic and adventure that was so part of Kay Bojesen’s spirit and his flair for storytelling.

The series of wooden figures also includes Kay Bojesen's classic cars. He was a big car fan and created these back in 1937. You can get the Sedan in either the same size of 27 cm like the original car and made from beautifully untreated oak, or in a smaller version of 13 cm in painted beech. Or go up in size and be captivated by the original limousine with the beautiful, clean and streamlined lines typical of Kay Bojesen’s time.

Just like the beautiful cars of the 1930s and 1940s, the roof can be lifted to transform the toy car into an exclusive limousine with a canopy or a smart convertible. Kay Bojesen was far ahead of his time with his wooden cars, especially his tight and innovative design of the limousine, which he developed in collaboration with Ole Wanscher.


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