Since 2022, a new songbird has landed every year, representing the respective year and thus only existing in a limited number of specimens. The annual birds are engraved with the year and are slightly smaller than the classic songbirds but just as charming.

In this part of the family, we already have Poppy (2022) and Jackie (2023), and the newest member Flora (2024).

The Bird of the Year is produced in a limited number of specimens and is engraved with the year. They are then meticulously crafted and hand-painted with great precision and skill, just like all of Kay Bojesen's figures.

Kay Bojesen's songbirds are a prime example of how he managed to breathe life and soul into his figures with a simple design language, making them continue to capture the imagination and childlike wonder in all of us across ages and generations.

All of Kay Bojesen's adorable Songbirds bring joy and soar straight into the hearts of both young and old, each with their charming personality.

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