Vintage Monkeys

Colorful personalities painted in original colors

Kay Bojesen's Monkey has always had a colorful personality, and the mini version in beech is now available in two new colors full of originality and retro vibes. With their bold and beautiful design, they put Kay Bojesen’s original stories made of wood in a new context.

Vintage Monkeys

In its classic version, Kay Bojesen’s Monkey has been a familiar and beloved mood-booster among young and old for generations. In 2023, this joy became even greater when the mini version in painted beech brought the beloved classic into a fresh yet nostalgic light with a new presentation in two beautiful colors – a vintage blue and vintage red.

The painted mini monkey in beech is now available in two new vintage colors – green and yellow – which, like the two existing colour variants, are inspired by the colours of an original wallpaper designed by Kay Bojesen for a children’s room in the late 1940s.

All the original colors from the archives elegantly highlight the Monkey's rounded shapes and emphasize Kay Bojesen’s graphic and minimalistic design. They succeed in bringing even more smiles to your face. This is perfectly in keeping with Kay Bojesen’s joy in anything that could spark the imagination. The new green and yellow colour variants make the new painted beech monkeys radiate even brighter.

In addition to complementing each other beautifully across all four colors, the new mini monkeys in green and yellow are also brimming with the freshness of spring – impossible to avoid when the sun rises and the lush grass grows.

The colourful mini monkeys put Kay Bojesen’s original stories made of wood into a new context, and add even more bright tones and happiness to the already joyful and vibrant design.

Kay Bojesen had a strong, unpretentious personality, and is often said to have brought a sense of humor to Danish design with his extraordinary talent for bringing wood to life and creating animals and figurines that blur the line between quality toys and design objects. This philosophy has made Kay Bojesen’s design a covetable gift item for all ages and occasions – true design classics.

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