Kay Bojesen’s Songbirds


The Bojesen family's terrace in Bellavista was brimming with flowers, wicker furniture and birds. We fell upon a picture of the songbird in one of the family’s photo albums. More research showed that there were originally five birds. The songbirds are created based on the original birds and a small flock of birds glued onto a stick, all painted in Kay Bojesen’s original, cheerful colors. 

Kay Bojesen Birds

The Birds series is a collection of songbirds with unique names in a wide range of cheerful colors. All birds in the Birds series are designed based on Kay Bojesen’s original drawings from the 1950s and produced in FSC® certified wood, which guarantees that the trees have been planted, cultivated and felled responsibly.


The Kay Bojesen songbird Love spreads its wings with a
message of hope and care, adding a new loving chapter to the story of Kay
Bojesen’s original stories made of wood.

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Year Bird 2024. Welcome to Flora, Songbird of the Year 2024, ready to fly onto your shelf and become part of the collection. In Greek mythology, Flora was the goddess of spring and flowers, and her inspiration from the world of flowers is evident in the choice of colors – right down to the beak, which is like the yellow centre of a flower.

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Alfred is named after one of Kay Bojesen’s great-grandchildren. The Nordic name characterises the innocence and peace that has always characterized the designer’s wooden figures.

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This songbird is called Sunshine and represents one of the five original color combinations

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This songbird is named after Kay Bojesen’s Swedish daughter-in-law. 

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With its charcoal-black color, the songbird is a stylish and classic addition to the otherwise beautiful, colorful flock of birds. 

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The songbird is named Kay after the great man himself, and the shade of blue is one of the artist’s favourite colors.

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Ernst is named after Kay Bojesen’s father, who was a multi-faceted gentleman. He was a businessman, publishing director, cultural personality and at the same time a creative soul who, together with his wife Valborg, inspired his son Kay to create the flock of beloved wooden figures.

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The Nightingale was created in collaboration with the Hans Christian Andersen House, which opened in the summer of 2021, and is inspired by the world-famous author’s fairy tale about the little bird with the big

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The bird George unites Kay Bojesen’s universes of wood and silver, as both the beak and the legs are decorated with silver leaf. The gorgeous shades of green in the plumage are inspired by Kay Bojesen’s jewelry with jade stones.

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