Rosendahl 30 years anniversary


It is 30 years since Rosendahl revolutionised the Danish design world by making high-quality design available to the masses. Since then, it has evolved into a wide range of stylish and functional classics. Design that lasts. Because Rosendahl is iconic design that can withstand daily use.

Simple and functional high-quality design

Rosendahl is a beautiful, functional and classic design that is easy to relate to – and which withstands use. For the last 30 years, Rosendahl has applied this philosophy and approach to their stylish designs which make every day easier and brighter. Rosendahl is Danish design that can withstand daily use. All year round.

This is how it is today. And that’s how it has been across the entire Grand Cru range, since Rosendahl revolutionized the Danish design world 30 years ago with high-quality design available to the masses and truly set a standard in iconic design that could withstand daily use as well as being suitable for special occasions.

Over the last 30 years, the Grand Cru has grown into a wide range of products in a timeless design. Always with stylish functionality as the starting point. The products in the Grand Cru series are a true testament to Danish quality design, and with good reason. The Grand Cru series is timeless design that lasts.

For 30 years, Rosendahl has helped to create memories that are as enduring as the numerous well-known designs that have represented Rosendahl’s history over the decades. One design after another, they all tell a beautiful and stylish story of functional and timeless design in a diverse universe.

Rosendahl collections


Designed to last

Real quality and good design never out of style. And for 30 years, Rosendahl has given you timeless and durable designs that have become a natural part of daily life – both for everyday use and on special days when we create memories for life.

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