Rosendahl is built on a number of core values and beliefs. These are our foundation and define the way we run our brand, design and product development. These are building blocks that over the years have ensured that we have been able to create designs that last and that constantly match today’s tastes.

But the characteristics that define us and our products are also constantly influenced and shaped by our consumers and the world we live in. Words like 'timeless’ and 'durable' are constantly changing. And we always follow the different trends and developments closely so that we can deliver exactly what you are looking for - while at the same time living up to our own values.


Rosendahl is Danish design made to be used. They are designs that withstand daily use. With this functionality as our core, Rosendahl has always focused on creating stylish designs that make everyday life more beautiful and practical. Designs that perfectly balance aesthetics and functionality. Because why not make the day a little brighter, whether you’re drinking morning coffee from your Grand Cru coffee cup or serving dinner from your Grand Cru ovenproof dish?


Rosendahl builds on the tradition of creating timeless design classics with attitude. For us, this means designs that don't allow themselves to be drawn into fleeting trends. On the contrary, the design is down-to-earth. It is design that goes against the rapidly changing trends on the market, which places demands on the consumer to constantly replace their products.

We believe that timeless design should be functional without being dull or plain. It is a design that fits into most rooms and is independent of its time. For us, functionality is a central part of timeless design. That’s why it’s also important for us to strike a balance between functionality and shape in order to achieve a design that lasts.

For the many

Rosendahl makes quality design accessible to everyone. We create high-quality products and designs that are easy to understand and fit into every home. Rosendahl builds on the philosophy that design should be accessible to everyone. These are designs that exude quality and durability, and which can be used daily and for entertaining.

It is therefore the perfect choice for those who value functionality and durability at a reasonable price. But even though the price is affordable for most people, it doesn't mean that we compromise on the quality of our products. We work with different designers to ensure that we create beautiful designs that will appeal to most people, but also designs of the highest quality that withstand being used.

Durable quality

Today, sustainability and responsibility are becoming more and more important. At Rosendahl, sustainable quality and responsibility are core values, which is why we design products that last year after year, so you don't have to buy new ones. We believe that good design should withstand daily use, just as it should be independent of any time or trend.

But the durability also means that we use circular and recyclable materials in the products where possible. We strive to increase responsible production and circularity and to reduce our environmental footprint. For example, we have produced a beautiful and functional flowerpot made from recycled plastic (CoPP) from Danish households, collected, processed and produced in Denmark. Products like this help reduce the footprint of our designs on the planet. As part of our responsible production, the flowerpots have been created so that they can also be recycled at the end of their life. This makes them 100% Danish and a circular design.

We will always keep rethinking and innovating our designs – and we will always do so by staying true to our values and where we come from.

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