Rosendahl is Danish design that can withstand daily use. Rosendahl has applied this philosophy and approach to their stylish designs, which make every day easier and brighter.

Rosendahl makes products for the home and table - from simple porcelain tableware and glass designs to functional kitchen utensils. We believe that good design comes from a balance between practical ideas and precise execution. That’s why Rosendahl’s designs are a meeting of functional and stringent lines that fuse into beautiful and durable products.

We work with geometric shapes in a clear and intuitive design language that creates a visual calm – a maturity rounded off by Rosendahl. These are products that fit in without being loud.

For special occasions – and everyday special moments

Rosendahl is part of one of the country’s largest design houses, the Rosendahl Design Group – a family of design icons that can be used and admired – again and again. Since 1984, Rosendahl has been associated with simple, functional design that lasts. The design philosophy behind Rosendahl is to make every day beautiful with products that are designed to celebrate both life’s big special occasions and everyday magical moments.

Erik Rosendahl


Rosendahl was founded in 1993 by visionary Erik Rosendahl, who believed that quality design should be available to the masses. His vision and ambition culminated in what is today one of Denmark’s best-known design houses.


It’s almost 30 years since we launched the first iconic Grand Cru wine stopper on the market. Since then, many new products have been added, but common to them all is the timeless, functional design of high quality at a good price. And the hallmark of the Grand Cru range is the iconic grooves, which appear in many homes around the world.

Ever since we launched the Grand Cru series, we have designed products that fit into most homes. Here, everyday moments and regular rituals are of great importance to most people. With the introduction of modern and stylish enhancements such as the Grand Cru Nouveau series to the classic Grand Cru series, we build on the iconic designs such as the Grand Cru carafe and the accompanying glasses found in many homes all over the world.

With the Grand Cru Nouveau series, the color and details have been updated, but you will recognize the classic Grand Cru design created back in the early 90s when Rosendahl challenged conventional glass production and created a whole new glass series that made quality designs available to many more. A design that has proven to last despite changing interior trends and shows that quality design doesn't go out of style.

Like the classic carafe, the Grand Cru Nouveau carafe is built up of many repeated grooves and geometric shapes in an intuitive and logical design that will always be the heart of the Grand Cru range DNA. This is how we always balance functionality with decorative elements.

The classic Grand Cru glasses have also been revitalized to fit the spirit of the times. The glass is made from recycled glass, which reduces the use of new raw materials. The glasses can also be recycled at the end of life, helping to support circularity.

Reusable designs

Despite the many original new products we launch, it is often a Rosendahl classic that ends up being one of the most popular designs year after year, namely the Grand Cru water glass. This is testament to the fact that many people other than us love the classic designs that can be taken out and used over and over again.

We are all about beautiful products for homes and tables – designs that are made for being present with family and friends. We are proud to make our mark on both Danish and Scandinavian design traditions and to be part of many homes all over the world. That’s why we constantly strive to live up to – and exceed– the expectations our customers have of the quality that the Rosendahl name is known for. These are the ambitions that drive us.

All Rosendahl products



Rosendahl was founded with the aim of creating high-quality design that would be accessible to the masses. Everyone should be allowed to dream of owning a Rosendahl design, and everyone should be able to achieve that dream.

We believe that good design comes from a balance between practical ideas and precise execution. Rosendahl’s design is a meeting of functional and stringent lines that fuse into beautiful and durable products. In close collaboration with a number of leading designers, we create designs that follow the Scandinavian design tradition.

New trends lead to new ideas

Our approach is always to uphold the values that have made our products a permanent part of many homes. But there must also be room for renewal.

Interior trends and different styles have influenced how Danish homes are furnished over the years. For Rosendahl, however, creating designs that last has always been part of our philosophy.

Designs that lasts in more than one sense. Our designs are always made to withstand repeated use. But above all, they are timeless. Designs that are independent of time and trends and fit into a whole world of different contexts. In different families and different homes.

We always listen to our consumers and keep up with long-term trends, while retaining a strong and lasting vision that comes from within – this is Rosendahl's foundation and is what drives us. The combination of internal and external drivers is what makes us relevant.

We use these drivers in our product design and development; when rethinking and innovating series like the Grand Cru, or when expanding into new product categories. This is how we work continuously to spread our philosophy to more homes around the world.

This is also why our product line is growing regularly. With the introduction of new lines such as Rosendahl Textiles, for example, we launched a brand new series of kitchen textiles designed for life in and around the kitchen. It comprises tea towels, dishcloths and placemats that meet the functionality and timeless design of Rosendahl products.

A choice for life

Rosendahl is the polar opposite to instant, short-term pleasure and the constant search for the latest model. Over the years, our designs have shown that true quality and good design never go out of style. In other words, Rosendahl is the sensible and long-term choice.

That’s why Rosendahl is the first choice for those who dream of timeless design that lasts.

This is how we try to balance the traditional with the new and modern. Always with a focus on timeless designs that last. Timeless designs you’ll want to keep coming back to when you’re with the ones that matter.


Rosendahl is built on a number of core values and beliefs. These are our foundation and define the way we run our brand, design and product development. These are building blocks that over the years have ensured that we have been able to create designs that last and that constantly match today’s tastes.

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