Kay Bojesen

Let the mini wedding couple decorate the top of the wedding cake

Complete the wedding cake with cake toppers from Kay Bojesen. Their sweet smiles and romantic, blushing cheeks simply and elegantly express the bubbling joy that characterizes a wedding party. With a mini wedding couple on top of the cake, you can celebrate love with original stories made of wood with the highest craftsmanship quality.

It’s so lovely to stay together – right up to the cake table, where a beautiful and inviting wedding cake awaits. The wedding cake is undoubtedly one of the highlights of any wedding party, and the moment when the bridal couple cut their first slice together is unforgettable. A wedding day marks the beginning of a new shared story, and this narrative was the focal point for Kay Bojesen. With wood as his medium, he created fantastic figurines and told stories with his craftsmanship and design language in the characteristic smiling lines.

The new cake toppers from Kay Bojesen are miniature versions of the Bride and Groom, inspired by original figurines from Kay Bojesen’s archives. Like KayBojesen's larger figurines, these are made in FSC® certified beech wood.

As always with Kay Bojesen, the design is simple and elegant, and the figurines’ classic appearance means they fit all types of cakes – be they minimalistic, colorful or full of decorations. Once the day is over, the bridal couple will have an original memory of their big day that they will love to have on display.

The lovely Bride is wearing a floor-length, white dress with long sleeves and feminine silver details, such as a tie around the waist and at the wrists, which are designed as a tribute to the ornaments Kay Bojesen created during his time as a silversmith. Using a precise line, pleats have been painted on the dress, giving it a sense of movement and texture.

The pleated details in the dress are
inspired by an original dress design, where the delicate stripes emphasize the soft shape of the figurine and add an extra dimension to the white dress. The hair is swept back in a simple hairstyle, and like Kay Bojesen’s original figurines, the cheeks are red, and the smile is friendly and welcoming.

Of course, both the Bride and Groom are made with the high-quality craftsmanship that characterizes the Wooden Figurines from Kay Bojesen. Their shapes are based on the original figurines from the archives, which are simple and minimalist, but full of heart and soul. As the painting process of the fine, decorative details is done by hand, they radiate exactly the feeling of magic and adventure that is so unique to Kay Bojesen’s original craftsmanship. 

The Groom is almost recreated from an original. He is elegantly dressed in a dark suit with a white shirt and black bow tie. Meticulously applied details, such as buttons, pocket handkerchief and lapels, bring the jacket to life, while his happy and welcoming smile gives him charm and personality. The figurine toppers are sold individually, so the pair can be combined however you wish.

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