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Kähler is built on a number of core values and beliefs. They make up the foundation on which we run our brand, design and product development. They are the building blocks that have over the years ensured that we have been able to create designs that last.

At Kähler, we strive every day to unite our unique cultural heritage with our ambition to be a leader on the arts scene, nationally and internationally. We take the best from an artistic ceramic legacy and reinterpret it with a nod to current times.


Every contemporary Kähler design is a tribute to Kähler’s unique history and a celebration of the well-preserved craftsmanship, and it's also an imprint of current times.

Just as the female ceramic painters at Kählersbakken hand-decorated the ceramic with cow horns at the start of the Kähler venture, we too are still painting several of the e ceramic designs by hand, making hand-cut details and working with exciting glaze techniques that respect Kähler’s ceramic craftsmanship traditions.

By focusing on high quality and constantly ensuring that our unique designs are available to most people, we help democratize good craftsmanship and design and make it something that everyone can understand and use.


Kähler’s works are very diverse, and our ceramics fall into many different categories – everything from vases to tableware. We create designs that most people can afford – and which everyone can use. But the diversity is also reflected in both our history and our present.

Kähler has always been characterized by many different artists, who all contribute something unique – and that's still the case today. Collaborating with different artists has also allowed us to maintain the old traditions and values, while at the same time constantly rethinking and renewing the designs.

We cultivate diversity in everything from design to the colors we use. And we will continue to do so in future developments and launches, as this is the philosophy that allows us to find our way into new homes year after year.


Kähler builds on a unique cultural legacy, which lies at the heart of our authentic designs and the methods we use to create our products. Proof of this authenticity is the iconic HAK hallmark at the bottom of all our designs. Today, it has become a true cultural heritage that can be found in many Danish homes.

Both the old historic Kähler products and the new ones can be identified by the HAK logo. Ever since the logo was designed by Svend Hammershøi and introduced to the market, it has been a symbol of everything Kähler’s handmade design traditions stand for. It's your guarantee that you have a product that is authentic, genuine and original. This is something we are always very aware of and try to maintain and reflect in our way of working.

Danish design collective

Kähler is based on a proud design tradition formed by a collective that has developed and rethought our designs year after year. It is largely this collective that has helped to create and encapsulate Kähler’s unique DNA. Each artist has left their mark, which is revisited and renewed every day by inspiring artists.

The Kähler workshop has been a hub of many of the greatest Danish artists ever since the 1800s. Initially, it was artists such as Thorvald Bindesbøll and Svend Hammershøi who defined Kähler. Today it is ceramicists and artists such as Hans Christian Bauer, who designed the Hammershøi series and the designer duo Stilleben, which consists of Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft. They are just an example of a new generation of designers who help define classic Danish design in our time.

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