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Mette Bache and Barbara Bendix Becker both graduated from the Danish School of Design in 1996 and have since become the design duo R7B Copenhagen.


Mette Bache and Barbara Bendix Becker have worked for many years with a number of well-known companies and various exhibition projects. Recently, the two designers have discovered the endless possibilities of ceramics, and they both have a passion for reinterpreting old objects and giving them new life through a contemporary design. And when it comes to handmade design traditions, ceramics are a fantastic material to work with.

For example, all Kähler’s Urbania candle houses are designed by Mette Bache and Barbara Bendix Becker. They are known for their special design where the building’s tight silhouette creates space for creativity in the design of each window. The duo also designed the Nobili series, which puts Kähler’s ceramic DNA and the Nordic Christmas into a common design formula. Both the Urbania series and the Nobili series have become modern classics.


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Bache & Bendix Becker

Kähler Gingerbread Lighthouse
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