About the designer


Hans-Christian Bauer is a Norwegian-born industrial designer who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2010. He has since worked with his own projects and product-developed for Kähler, &tradition, Menu, Harrit Sørensen, Norm Architects, and Mencke & Vagnby in product and furniture design, where he always strives to combine the warmth and uniqueness of ceramics with a rational, modern design and good utility value.

Hans-Christian Bauer has unleashed his sense for good design and ever-lasting handmade craftsmanships in Kähler's Hammershøi Collection, where he has brought the legacy of the late Kähler artist Svend Hammershøi into the new millennium with great authenticity.

The collection is inspired by Svend Hammershøi’s original works, where distinctive grooves contrast with a round design. Svend Hammershøi worked for Kähler from 1893, and embarked on a groundbreaking journey into art and design history. Hans-Christian Bauer has designed the entire Hammershøi series with great respect for Kähler’s artistic legacy, design history, and tradition for handmade artisanship.

The Hammershøi series


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