Holmegaard is built around various values and characteristics. Together they form the foundations of our brand, design and product development. We are constantly developing, but for the almost 200 years that we have been in existence, we have remained faithful to the core of what Holmegaard stands for. As such, we have been able to create designs that, day after day, find a place in Danish homes.


Holmegaard has been working with glass since its foundation. Our products are original designs that exude quality and style for everyday use, festive and special occasions. Each piece of mouth-blown glass is unique and handmade by the glassblower, who carefully blows the right amount of air through the narrow pipe. Air bubbles in the glass are therefore inevitable and are part of the charm of mouth-blown glass. Many of Holmegaard’s glasses have gained a very special iconic status in Denmark.

Craft traditions


Holmegaard creates a world of glass. A world where original designs and excellent craftsmanship are the foundation of all the classics we know and admire. With our passion for glass and the many possibilities it offers, we create beautiful, elegant and unique glass designs for both flowers and the table. Designs that exude both quality and style – such as the classic mouth-blown glass from Holmegaard, which bears the Nordic Ecolabel. No matter how they are produced, our designs always encourage reflection. It’s the different worlds of glass that we strive for every day.

Danish design

Based on Holmegaard’s experience, we have built a proud tradition of excellent craftsmanship and stylish Danish design. The tradition-rich history is our foundation, and we continue to build on it today by creating Danish design classics that combine Scandinavian modernism with functionality. It is not without reason that we have been a Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court since 1825. Because it's in the meeting between modern and functional Nordic design and proud Danish design traditions that you'll find what makes Holmegaard unique.

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