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2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the Cocoon vase, which is being celebrated with a new design from Holmegaard Archives. The iconic special-edition Cocoon vase is 17.7" tall and mouth-blown in a color palette of opal lavender, blue-green and nude on a transparent grey-smoke background.

Holmegaard Cocoon Archives

The iconic Cocoon vase, designed by Peter Svarrer, celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023.

The exclusive 2024 version from Holmegaard Archives features a unique twisted pattern that, due to the vase's size and the complexity of the pattern, requires three people to work closely on each vase - one blowing the glass, another preparing the exceptionally beautiful lake colors for the stripes, while a third ultimately applies the colored stripes to the vase.

The entire production takes place at Holmegaard Works in Næstved, Denmark, and as something truly special for this particular Holmegaard Archives Cocoon vase, the glass mass is rolled to give a characteristic twisted effect before the vase is mouth-blown in a wooden mold.

You get a unique hand-blown and handmade product, where it is part of the exclusivity that there will be slight variations in the pattern. The colors are, as the name suggests, inspired by the subdued shades found in the nature surrounding a lake. A color palette that blends very nicely into the popular interior trend where green colors used in home decor help us relax and connect with nature when we are at home.

With the pattern moving and swirling around, you almost sense the same liveliness as when you enjoy the reflections of water and nature in a beautiful forest lake. It took Peter Svarrer three whole years to develop the shape for the first vase in the Cocoon series. But the result was definitely worth the wait, and it has since become a modern classic.

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