Brighten up your day with a world of glass in beautiful colours

Flow instantly livens up your table setting and reinvigorates your senses. The glasses have a classic shape and are designed with a discreet wave pattern on the bottom, inspired by water ripples.

The Flow Series

Every color in the world is associated with a certain feeling. Some colors create calm and balance, others create joy and and allow for creativity.

Perhaps the contents of a colored glass will taste different too? These beautiful glasses from Holmegaard Flow are a tribute to all the fabulous colors that exist. But they also celebrate glass craftsmanship, which is reflected in the details and the 'flow' that characterizes their shape.

The mouth-blown glass not only adds an elegant finesse, it also opens up new opportunities for working with the organic design of the glass. The fluid transition in the thickness of the glass is a design signature that gives Flow its own unique appearance, and allows the reflections from the beautiful, mouth-blown glass to spread like colorful water ripples.

Find your favourite color in the Flow series or mix several different colors in the table setting to create your very own style full of personality.

The beautiful Flow glasses combine sculptural and functional elements and are the result of a long-lasting design process that typically starts in the glassworks, where Holmegaard’s experienced glassblowers explore the many possibilities with glass. The glass work is carried out at very high temperatures and involves a certain amount of unpredictability, which always makes the creation process both demanding and fascinating. The mouth-blown nature of the glasses makes each one unique.

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