Kay Bojesen Bear on a large scale

With its open arms, the Bear is a beloved character from Kay Bojesen’s universe of wooden figurines. The love for the Bear and its great design only grows bigger with the introduction of this new large version.

The large Bear is crafted by hand with love and care in exactly the same way as the others in the series have been since the early 50s, when the Bear was originally created.

Like its smaller family members, the Bear is made from FSC® certified maple and FSC® certified oak, which guarantees that the trees used in production are planted, cultivated and felled responsibly. The natural wood’s inherent vibrance, wood grain and characteristics really come into their own in the large version of the Bear, where everything is scaled up.

The original Bear was created back in 1952, when Kay Bojesen was inspired by the story from the Copenhagen Zoo about the little bear cub Ursula, who was too young to live with the other bears and was raised at home by the zookeeper until it was old enough to live with the older bears.

Wood has always been the starting point for Kay Bojesen’s original stories made of wood. He found the magic in nature’s own material, and with his unique design talent, one amazing figurine after another grew in his imagination and took shape between his hands. Always with soul and humor and a playful approach to design.

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