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Peter Svarrer graduated from the Danish School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen in 1981 and has taught at the Danish School of Design and Kolding Arts and Crafts. He has numerous Danish and foreign exhibitions behind him and has received several awards and grants.


Peter Svarrer has been working with glass in his own workshop since 1982 and was part of several glass workshops until he came to Holmegaards Glasværk in 1997. This is where he created the well-known and functional glass series Cocoon, Future, Cabernet, Reflections tealight holders and also individual lamps.

Peter Svarrer is also called master of light because he creates glass designs based on capturing and reflecting the light in that special way that only glass can, which was the aim when he created the shape of the Cocoon series, which includes vases in a range of sizes and tealight holders in transparent pastels.

The Cabernet wine series and later Cabernet Lines also testify to his passion for glass craftsmanship and his special talent for creating reflections in glass. Cabernet isn't just superb wine glasses based on authentic craftsmanship and modern functionality that bring out the best in the wine – they also create an extraordinary visual experience.

One of the many other wine series that Peter Svarrer has won great recognition is the Bouquet wine glass, which he designed in 2002. Time and time again, it has been highlighted as a wine glass with a modern, functional design that brings out the best in the wine. And the recent relaunch of Bouquet in a new, tighter design retains the elegant design of the glasses while bringing the series up to date with modern aesthetics in an updated version with shorter stems.

The many different series of wine glasses from Peter Svarrer are excellent examples of his opinion that the wine glass is one of the most complex glass designs that can be made. When he is designing, he therefore spends a lot of time looking at stem height, the size of the foot, the content of the bowl, how large the opening should be, the pouring height, where the shape should span and how the bouquet behaves in the glass.

When in the year 2000, Peter Svarrer set out to create glass for Holmegaard Glasværk’s 175th anniversary and an exhibition about the future Holmegaard, he designed glasses for table settings with a Japanese food concept. The series’ many elements stood on the shelf for ten years, until a head of design from Rosendahl saw the glasses and became interested in them. They were put into production and came out in 2012 as the Future glass series, which included the water tumblers, another of Peter Svarrer’s many great successes.

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