The Tulle Series

Beautiful brush strokes, rich glazes, and organic shapes

With the Tulle series of vases, Kähler celebrates nostalgia and romance. The hand-painted decorations are inspired by the older Kähler vases. The expressive ceramic vases are glazed on top and inside with a contemporary focus on the history and craftsmanship traditions that Kähler is known for.

Back in the day, the glazes had a very special glow and richness. And in the new Tulle series, Kähler has created a similarly beautiful, authentic and artistic look in a modern context in a small size, where the rich and beautiful glazes add extra depth and vibrancy.

In the 1930s and 40s, the painters created Kähler’s iconic striped vase pattern, but the beautiful circular brush strokes also clearly referenced nature and romantic gardens. This circular, intricate ornamentation dominated Denmark in the 1930s and ’40s, and now Kähler is reviving it in a shape suited to modern-day living. Tulle Emborg was one of the most talented painters in the workshop, and the Tulle series has been made in her honor and name.

The Tulle series offers you both the joy of the familiar and the progression of renewal – Kähler’s heritage and handmade design traditions in a contemporary context with an innovative twist and modern color choices.

You can both see and feel the person behind the vases, and how they have painstakingly painted them by hand to give them a vivid and lively appearance. The decorations also give you a clear sense of the artistic understanding and intuitive movements that make each hand-painted vase a small work of art in itself, giving it a unique nostalgic authenticity.

The rounded shapes result in a sculptural and graphic silhouette, so the vases can easily stand alone – without flowers as part of both a personal and modern interior design.

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