Provence Bowl

The Provence bowl is a series of bowls in different sizes, designed freely by hand by Per Lütken in 1955. The bowl was created without using moulds and is one of the best examples of Lütken’s respect for the fiery glass mass.

Provence bowls

For many years it has been a difficult item to collect, but now it is back in production as a proud representative of Danish glass art – an obvious gift idea for the design lover and guaranteed to be a gift that will be passed down for generations.

Use it as a small piece of luxury in your everyday life, such as for jewellery and for serving small snacks, or display it as curated glass art in your home.Each Provence Bowl is unique and blown without using a mould. The bowls vary in size and shape.

Per Lütken was a glassblower in a class of his own and he had great respect for the craft and a unique talent for capturing feelings and moods in glass, as the Provence bowl is a stylish example of. He managed to breathe life into more than 3,000 glass designs, many of which, like the Provence Bowl, have become classics with a high collector’s value.

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