Interesting things are created when opposite elements meet. For example, what happens when ceramics meet MTV? When design language meets breakdance? When a ceramic glaze meets pop culture? With great respect for Kähler’s artisan heritage, the design duo KIMPOP has explored the field between classic ceramics and their personal aesthetic design references, inspired by the late 80s and early 90s.

The Poppery Collection

The Kähler X KIMPOP collection is called Poppery and comes straight from the heart. It's a natural extension of KIMPOP’s aesthetics, humor and design understanding – and their own experiences with glazes, firing and ceramic craftsmanship.

It is anything but neutral and understated Nordic design. On the contrary, there are many colors, and this is quite deliberate. KIMPOP wants to challenge the Danes’ use of colors in their interior design, steering away from anything too conformist and boring towards something more lively and playful.

They want to break with the traditional Scandinavian color traditions and invite us to take more chances in our interior design choices.

The new collection from Kähler X KIMPOP includes a confident mix of pastels in yellow, pink and mint, opulent glazes, humorous details, and shapes that want to stand out from the crowd.

The Poppery collection includes three vases in three different sizes. The largest of the vases is 12.6" high and features a unique apple-shaped, mint-colored stopper with a small pink worm as a quirky detail. Because why should a vase stand there looking boring just because there are no flowers in it?

The series also consists of two mugs – one small and one large – as well as a unique figurine depicting a pastel yellow apple with a gorgeous mint-colored worm on top. The figurine is a great example of KIMPOP’s humoros approach to design: an original and fun part of the Poppery collection that's sure to make you smile.

With their eye-catching design, the vases all serve as statement pieces and will immediately add a colorful and playful element to your interior design, as well as a boost of joie de vivre – without the need to paint your floors, walls and kitchen doors pink!

All the vases are hand-painted with a glaze, creating a playful feeling with a flowing surface.

Kähler X KIMPOP lets contrasts meet. The experimental pastel tones are echoed throughout all the pieces in the Poppery collection, but are expressed in different ways. Yellow and pink are the dominant colors on some pieces, while mint is more prominent on others.

The entire collection is characterized by the encounter between figurative and abstract, as well as by the vibrant glazes that flow delightfully together and often make their own way down the surface – and sometimes end up running completely wild, which helps to reinforce the authentic hand-painted look.

The mugs in the series are just calling out to be used for coffee and tea. With equal focus on visual expression and functionality, both pieces are created based on an authentic Kähler design from the archives, with a beautifully prominent ring all the way around the cup that gives the hand a natural place to grip and rest.

The design invites you to sit with your cup and enjoy its form,  your drink and the world around you.

For KIMPOP, it was important to create something that would still be exciting and relevant in 20 years’ time. Something that represents the time we live in now, but also has an identity and look of its own. Just as we'd expect from Kähler. Although the Poppery series is clearly influenced by colourful pop culture, it equally reflects the two creative souls' great fascination with Kähler's groundbreaking impact on aesthetics, and how this has helped to shape the way we decorate our homes.

Therefore, the Poppery collection also shows the deepest respect for Kähler’s renowned design collective and the many artists who, over time, have been given a free rein by Kähler to express themselves and design under their own name, to help renew Kähler’s art-ceramic narrative and the culture we live in.

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