About the designer


KIMPOP comprises two colorful personalities: Sofie Linde and Joakim Ingversen. For several years, alongside their work as hosts on a wide range of Danish entertainment programs, they have nurtured their interest in design and created ceramic art in their own ceramics workshop in their shared villa north of Copenhagen.

POPPERY is the remarkable manifestation of the design duo's creative identity and Kähler's ceramic heritage, and embodies KIMPOP's enthusiasm for imaginative, colorful originality. Indeed, the collection is a shift from minimalist Nordic design norms through flamboyant hues and unexpected, humorous details. 

The Poppery Collection

As design and ceramics have become an increasingly significant part of KIMPOP's creative vein, and in line with their great fascination with how Kähler has pioneered ceramic design, the path was indeed paved for a design collaboration in a professional collab between the couple and Kähler. The Kähler X KIMPOP series, Poppery, is thus a natural extension of Kähler's art ceramic narrative and KIMPOP's aesthetics, humor, and design understanding, and is a collaboration that KIMPOP and Kähler are very proud of.

"For KIMPOP, it is really important to create something that is also exciting and relevant in 20 years. And with Poppery, we represent precisely the time we live in now, but the series also has its very own identity and expression that points forward in time. Just as we know it from Kähler. And although the Poppery series is clearly influenced by a colorful pop culture, it equally reflects the great fascination of two creative souls for how Kähler has been pioneering aesthetically and has contributed to shaping the way we decorate our homes," says Joakim Ingversen.

"We are incredibly happy with the result of our very first real design collection under the name of KIMPOP. And we are so proud that the Poppery collection from the inside out reflects a deep respect for Kähler's renowned design collective and the many artists who over time have been given free rein by Kähler to express themselves and create in their own name, thus contributing to renewing Kähler's art ceramic narrative and the culture we live in. That it is now in 2024 suddenly our turn. Yes, there is just so much sweet pop music in our ears in that insanely good way," concludes Sofie Linde.

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