Nostalgic vases with iconic shapes

Recreated using discarded ceramics from previous productions

With the new Omaggio Circulare vases, which are produced using leftover materials from previous productions that would otherwise have gone to waste, Kähler embraces both nostalgia and the present moment, and welcomes three new members to the Omaggio family.

Omaggio Circulare

Since 2007, Kähler and Omaggio have been synonymous with one another. Omaggio Circulare is nothing less than a responsibly produced reinterpretation of the modern classic. The shape is still the classic Omaggio shape. Now, however, the manufacturing focus for the vase series is on reducing environmental impact by recycling discarded ceramics and materials from other productions – and giving them new life.

The launch of the Omaggio Circulare vases in three sizes, and in the same color combination, means that you can now enjoy Kähler’s iconic Omaggio shape with an even better conscience. Why not take some innovative steps into responsibility with original Danish design by your side together with Kähler?

The expression across the vase series has been borrowed from the archives. It presents a classic yet bold two-piece design with a raw top in natural grey, which takes its colour from recycled materials, together with a beautifully hand-painted black tone on the lower half of the vases.

All three vases have the same black painted base and unique raw top in untreated ceramic, giving the series its unmistakable nostalgic touch. This can be traced back to Kähler’s proud craftsmanship traditions while also pointing towards the future with great confidence. The vases share a beautiful look brimming with depth and vibrance.

All shapes in the Omaggio series are designed to complement one another, creating interesting and decorative displays when the new Omaggio Circulare vases are combined with other Omaggio vases, flowerpots and candleholders in different sizes and colors – perhaps even some without flowers, plants and lights, thus allowing the design’s sculptural lines to speak for themselves.

Like the rest of the Omaggio series, the designers behind the new Omaggio Circulare vases are Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft, who design together under the name Stilleben. They belong to a new generation of designers who respect tradition but also have the boldness it takes to revamp it.

Through the original Omaggio vases, Kähler and Stilleben wanted to create a piece with a bold attitude and hand-painted graphic stripes – a design that really stood out at the time. A vase that was a decoration in itself, with a strong presence.

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