About the designer


Louise Hindsgavl is one of today’s greatest ceramic artists, with several major awards and exhibitions behind her. She graduated from the Kolding School of Design in Ceramics and Glass in 1999 and has previously exhibited at Trapholt, attended the Biennal for 'Contemporary Ceramics’ in France and received recognition from the Danish Art Foundation in the form of grants.


Louise Hindsgavl is known for her provocative porcelain figures, which she designed in collaboration with Kähler. She wants to show us the world as it is – unsweetened. And she challenges not only our notions of porcelain, but also our notions of ourselves and society through her humorous and grotesque reinterpretations of the porcelain figure.

This is evident in the Stories of Eve series, where she uses shape concepts such as provocation, doubt and humor to innovate Kähler’s old figurine traditions with a piece of modern art and design for the home – authentic and challenging designs with a lively enthusiasm.

Historically, Kähler was well-known for their ceramic figures and the artist and ceramist for the Stories of Eve series, Louise Hindsgavl, has brought Kähler’s handmade design traditions into modern times, finely balancing Kähler’s ceramic legacy with, contemporary trends and the eternally stimulating provocations of art.

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