Grand Cru Nouveau



    Mouth-blown glass, an elegant smokey colour, a patinated steel band and minimalist grooves. Grand Cru Nouveau is a modern and stylish evolution of the iconic Grand Cru carafe and matching glasses found in many homes around the world.

    The colour and the details are new, but you will easily recognise the silhouette of the classic Grand Cru design, where Rosendahl challenged conventional glass production and created a brand-new glass range that made quality designs available to the masses. A design that has proven to last despite changing interior trends and shows that quality design doesn't go out of style.

    Like the classic carafe, the Grand Cru Nouveau carafe is built up of geometric shapes in an intuitive and logical design that will always be the heart of the Grand Cru range's DNA.

    Whereas the classic carafe has a robust and solid expression, Grand Cru Nouveau is characterised by a new form of elegance and lightness. It is largely the mouth-blown glass that gives it a light and weightless appearance, but the smoked glass and the patinated steel band also contribute to creating a unique and stylish look.